Archive 2021

January – March, 2021 (Volume 22 Number 4)

1.The Impact of Integration in Supply Chain Macro Processes on Supply Chain Performance with The Moderating Role of Information System Support

2.HRM Practices in the Context of Organizational Performance-A Literature Review

3.Aid Conflict and Human Development in Pakistan

4.Impact of Audit and Remuneration Committee on Firm Performance-Evidence from Cement and Textile Firms of Pakistan Stock Exchange

5.The Nexus Between Financial Liberalization and Private Investment-An Econometric Analysis from Pakistan

6.Does Employee-based Human Capital Breathe New Life into Business Empirical Evidence from Pakistani Marble Manufacturing Sector

7.Commitment Leading Towards Success- A Study of Bank Employees of Pakistan

8. COVID-19, Impact of External Environment in the Formation of Students’ Satisfaction as Well as Subjective Context of E-learning

9.Saving Behavior in Emerging Country-The Role of Financial Knowledge, Peer Influence and Parent Socialization

10. Robert Nozick’s Libertarian Framework of Distributive Economic Justice -A Critical Assessment of Its Prospects for Providing Global Distributive Justice

Complete Volume PBR Jan – Mar, 2021

TOC PBR Jan – Mar, 2021