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January, 2017 (Volume 18 Number 4)


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Atif Hussain
Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) and Its Impact on the Productivity of Domestic Firms in Pakistan

Jawaid Ahmed Qureshi, Amanat Ali Jalbani
The Role of Public Institutional Support for Globalization of Pakistani Companies

Qamar Abbas, Muhammad Asad Khan, Jawad Hussain
Relationship between Types of Rewards and Job Satisfaction of Employees: Evidence from Khyber Pakhtunkhwah

Farwa Muqadas, Ch Abdul Rehman, Usman Aslam
Organizational Justice and Employee’s Job Dissatisfaction: A Moderating Role of Psychological Empowerment

Ghulam Mustafa, Ahmed Raza Bilal, Babak Mahmood, Ghulam Murtaza
Motivation Enhancing Hrm Practices’ and Employee Demographics on Affective Commitment among Employees in Textile Manufacturing In Pakistan

Muhammad Umar Parach, Khurram Shahzad
Work Place Bullying On Deviant Work Behavior among Nurses in Pakistan: Mediating Role of Interpersonal Conflict

Syeda Shahida Batool, Nighat Parveen, Syeda Azra Batool
Emotional Intelligence and Job Commitment: Meditational Role of Job Satisfaction and Job Performance

Yasir Ali Somro, Muzzaffar Ali Issani
Success of Brand Extension in Glocalization: A Mediation and Moderation Analysis

Sadia Shuakat
Emotional Intelligence and Selfefficacy Beliefs between Preservice and In-Service Teachers

Saba Ahmed, Hamid Waqas
Occupational Injuries and Employees Turnover Intention: A Moderating Effect of Safety Culture

Syed Amir Saeed, Farzand Ali Jan
Marketing Strategies to Extrinsically Motivate Tax Payers in Pakistan

Muhammad Arshad, Ehsan Ul Hasan, Abdul Rehman
The Impact of Mutual Fund’s Characteristics on Management Expenses – Evidence from Pakistani Mutual Fund Industry

Ubaid ur Rehman, Muqqadas Rehman, Kashif Imran
Exploring the Determinants of Institutional Insurance and Their Impact on Behavioral Intentions: A Mixed Method Approach

Aneeqa Afaq, Mushtaq A Sajid, Adeel Arshad
Examining the Impact of Servant Leadership on Teachers’ Job Satisfaction

Kalim Ullah Bhat, Ch Mazhar Hussain, syed Zulfiqar Shah
Determinants of Real Exchange Rate Movements in South Asian Countries: An Empirical Evidence

Book Review
Irfan Saleem, Junaid Zafar
Boards That Lead: When to Take Charge, When To Partner, And When to Stay Out Of The Way

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April, 2017 (Volume 19 Number 1)


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Farman Ullah Khan, Muhammad Nouman
Does Ownership Structure Affect Firm’s Performance? Empirical Evidence from Pakistan

Manzoor Ahmed, Khalid Khan, Abdul Salam Lodhi, Manzoor Hussain Memon
Estimation of Aggregate Consumption Function for High Income Countries

Madiha Shafique Dar, Shakoor Ahmed, Abdul Raziq
Small and Medium-Size Enterprises in Pakistan: Definition and Critical Issues

Sara Kanwal, Atif Mehmood, Muhammad Luqman Tauheed Rana
Impact of Industry Specific Variables on the Dividend Policy of Oil and Gas Sector in Pakistan

Ahmed Raza Cheema, Mazhar Iqbal
Testing The Validity of Wagner’s Law in Pakistan: An Application of Ardl Cointegration Technique

Ahmed Raza Bilal, Noreen Rafi, Sumaira Khalid
Detrimental Causes and Consequences of Organizational Injustice in the Workplace: Evidence from Public Sector Organizations

Farhina Hameed, Younus Awan
Effect of Dimensions of Advertising on Behavioral Intentions of Customers

Zaheer Ahmed Babar, Masood Sarwar Awan, Muhammad Nadeem
Relationship between Corporate Tax and Private Investment in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Abdul Saboor, Muhammad Ilyas, Sumaira Rehman
Linking Empowerment and Capability Development with Innovative Behavior: Testing a Moderating Model of Employee’s Creative Self-Efficacy

Hira Batool, Saddam Hussain, Zille e Huma
The Impact of University Internal Factors on Academic Entrepreneurship: Evidence from University Research

Farhan Uddin Raja
Critical Discourse Analysis of Freedom Flotilla Carrying Aid to Gaza

Sobia Bashir, Jamil A Malik, Sadia Mansoor
Involvement and Communication on Face Book: Exploring Interaction Patterns of Personality and Adult Attachment Styles

Mazhar Ali, Kashif Farhat
Antecedents of Attitude toward Counterfeit Wrist Watches

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July, 2017 (Volume 19 Number 2)


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Saadia Irshad, Shahbaz Ahmad
The Impact of Loan Size and Global Financial Crisis on Interest Rate Spreads in Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector

Kausar Saeed, Zaki Rashidi
Essential Employability Skills for Marketing Careers: Gap Analysis of Education and Profession

Mansoor Mushtaq, Muhammad Azmat Hayat, Shabbir Ahmad, Muhammad Nadeem
Distributional Impact of Foreign Remittances in Pakistan

Memoona Kanwal, Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad, Mobeen ur Rehman, Muhammad Zakaria
Impact of Capital Structure on Performance of Non-Financial Listed Companies in Pakistan

Muhammad Azhar Khalil, Khawaja Asif Mehmood, Sllahuddin Hassan
Interpretation of Elements Upsetting Export Growth in Pakistan

Muhammad Rafiq, Shamaila Ali, Munir Khan, Muhammad Atiq
Willingness to Pay For Private Solid Waste Management: Insights from Peshawar

Syed Sartaj Qasim
Pre-Flight Service Expectations of Domestic Airline Passengers in Pakistan

Shelina Bhamani, Nasreen Husain
Constructing a Reference Framework for Ecep Evaluation: A Constructive Grounded Theory

Abdul Saboor, Ch Abdul Rehman, Sumaira Rehman
Psychological Contract and Knowledge Management Practices: Moderating Role of Organizational Culture

Madiha Shafique Dar
Training and Development Department in Action

Yasser Arfat, Muqqadas Rehman, Mumammad Ilyas, Ayesha Saqib
Role of Rewards to Foster Knowledge Sharing Practices: Mediating Role of Psychological Commitment

Urfi Khalid
Work Family Conflict / Family Work Conflict – A Study of Gender and Family Systems

Faisal Khurshid, Muhammad Usman Awan
Service Quality and Organizational Culture as Predictors of Faculty Job Satisfaction

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October, 2017 (Volume 19 Number 3)


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Syed Waqas Ali Kausar, Gulfam Khan Khalid Baghoor
Challenging The Multilayered Crises within Organizations through Application of Effective Human Resource Strategies (A Crises Management Perspective for Organization’s Effectiveness)

Muhammad Shahid, Mehmood Shah, Farhat Parveen, Adiqa Kiyani
Econometric Impact of Governance and Trade Liberalization on Poverty: A Case Study

Bilal Nafees, Muhammad Ali Jibran Qamar, Abdul Haque
Strategic Conduct and Performance Persistence of Mutual Funds in Pakistan

Shujaat Abbasa
Comparative Advantage of Pakistan in Selected Manufacturing Industries: The Rca Approach

Samra Javed, Nadia Ayub
Experiential Learning in Business Schools in Karachi

Malik Muhammad, Khurram Shehzad
The Impact of Financial Factors on Corporate Investment

Muhammad Mubeen, Muhammad Nadim Hanif
Sustainable Growth of Nonfinancial Firms: Microeconometric Evidence from Pakistan

Sumaira Khalid, Farwa Muqadas, Sumaira Rehman
Women Leadership and Its Mentoring Role towards Career Development

Abdul Wahab Latif, Aysha Sami Latif, Fahad Abdullah
Influence of Institutional Ownership on Earnings Quality: Evidence for Firms Listed On the Pakistan Stock Exchange

Yasser Arfat, Kashif Mehmood, Muqqadas Rehman, Rashid Saleem
The Role of Leadership in Work Engagement: The Moderating Role of a Bureaucratic and Supportive Culture

Haroon Bakari, Ahmed Imran Hunjra, Saman Atiq
Measuring Access to Higher Education: Development and Validation of Scale

Syed Hamid Ali Shah, Attaullah Shah
Short-Term Financing and Risk adjusted Profitability: Evidence from Pakistan

Muhammad Adnan Bashir, Nadia Ayub, Tariq Jalees
The Impact of the Firm Generated Contents and the User Generated Contents through Social Media on Brand Equity Elements

Abdul Wahid, Iftikhar Hussain Adil, Nadeem Talib, Kamran Azam
The Effects of Demutualization on Expansion of Stock Market Growth: Evidences from Indian Stock Market and Lesson for Pakistan Stock Exchange (Psx)

Erum Hafeez
Crimes and Violence in Television News and Its Effects on the Mental Health of Viewers in Pakistan

Khalida Rauf, Sehrish Rasheed
The Relation of Music Preference and Personality Type

Sadiq Hussain, Ali Ghulam
Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions among College Faculty in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

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