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January, 2018 (Volume 19 Number 4)


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Fauzia Mubarik, Attiya Yasmin Javid
The Impact of Macroeconomic Volatility on Stock Return Volatility: Evidence from Pakistan Stock Market

Khalid Fayaz Mir, Muneeb Hussain Gattoo
Cross Loc Trade between India and Pakistan- Contours and Dynamics

Bilal Nafees, Muhammad Ali Jibran Qamar, Nisar Ahmed
Lucrativeness of Islamic Vs Conventional Mutual Funds in Pakistan

Shumaila Omar
Exploring Strategies to Foster Learning in Business Schools: Evidence from Pakistan

Aamir Azeem, Ali Fayyaz, Atif Khan Jadoon
Economic Value Addition Implications: A Study of the Pakistani Banking Industry

Abdul Wahid, Kamran Azam, Iftikhar Hussain Adil, Syed Asghar Abass Naqvi
Spillover Effects of Demutualization on Stock Exchanges: A Regional Comparison

Muhammad Asim Khan
Assessing the Role of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Price Volatility: A Case of Pakistan Stock Exchange

Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui
Modelling Empirical Regularities for Banking Stocks in Pakistan

Jawad Hussain, Fayaz Ali Shah, Wali Rehman, Yahya Khan
Learning Orientation and Performance: The Interaction Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation

Sabeeh Ullah, Yasir Kamal
Corporate Cash Holdings and Shareholder Wealth: Evidence from Pakistani Market

Abdul Saboor, Muqqadas Rehman, Sumaira Rehman
Organizational Justice and Employee Contextual Performance: The Moderating Effect of Organizational Respect

Sumaira Khalid, Ch. Abdul Rehman, Farwa Muqadas
Exploring the Mediating Role of Affective Commitment on Organizational Justice and Turnover Intention

Ume Laila, Rubina Hanif
Development and Validation of Job Demands and Resources Indigenous Scale: A Developing Country Perspective

Sohnia Salman, Tehseen Kauser, Mehreeen Furqan
Factors Affecting Research Productivity in Private Universities of Lahore: A Discriminant Analysis

Marium Mateen Khan
The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Purchase Intention – Evidence from Q Mobile Linq Advertisement

Falak Zehra Mohsin, Nadia Ayub Ali
Development of the General Emotional Labor Scale – Urdu (Gels – U)

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April, 2018 (Volume 20 Number 1)

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Shahid Aslam Mirza and Muhammad Yousuf Sharjeel
Perception Of Fairness O Performance Appraisal And Its Reflection On Organizational Relationships

Farhina Hameed, Dr. Abdul Qayyum and Younus Awan
Impact Of Dimensions Of Corporate Social Responsibilities On Purchase Intention With Mediating Role Of Customer Satisfaction, Commitment And Trust

Mohib Ullah and Attaullah Shah
The Role Of Firm-Specific Variables In Explaining Heterogeneous Stock Market Reactions To Dividend Announcements

Muhammad Kashif Imran, Syed Muhammad Javed Iqbal, Usman Aslam and Farwa Muqadas
Organizational Politics And Performance Outcomes: Investigating The Buffering Effect Of Organizational Justice

Muhammad Waqas, Saif Ullah, Dr. Muhammad Ilyas and Prof. Dr. Ch. Abdul Rehman
Organizational Learning, Quality Strategy And Perceived Firm Performance Of Textile Firms

Sehrish Nisar and Komal Sultan
A Model Of Online Consumer Engagement, Brand Awareness And Brand Loyalty: Analysis Of Mediation And Feedback Loop Effect

Sadia Mansoor, Muhammad Javid and Mirza Aqeel Baig
Aid Volatility And Economic Growth Of Pakistan: A Macroeconomic Policy Framework

Syed Amir Saeed and Farzand Ali Jan
Creating A Country Brand Identity: A Review Of Literature

Khalid Memon and Bilqees Ghani
Restructuring The Relationship Between Performance Management And Employee Engagement

Nisar Ahmad and Talat Afza
Determinants Of Trade Credit Financing: A Case Of Manufacturing Firms Listed In Pakistan

Faisal Qamar Soomro and Saima Hussain
Role Of Employee Training In Enhancing Perceived Performance Through Competencies In Services Industry- A Study Of Pakistani Banking Sector

Muhammad Ahtisham-ul-haq, Muhammad Ilyas and Kashif Mahmood
Human Resource Practices And Organizational Performance In Pakistan:An Empirical Study On Pharmaceutical Industries

Abdul Wahid and Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz
Economic Corns Of Demutualization Of Exchanges: Predicting Robust
Financial Drivers Of Demutualization Using Probit Extreme Bounds Analysis

Muhammad A. Hanif,Maheen Y. Bandhani, Muhammad A. Khan and Tehzeeb Sakina Amir
The Human Dynamics Of Street Administration: A Study On Traffic Wardens In Karachi

Yasser Arfat, Ch. Abdul Rahman, Muqqadas Rahman and Kashif Mahmood
Perceived Usefulness Of E-Government And Computer Self-Efficacy To Improve Continuous Intention To Use E-Government Services

Aysha Noor and Zulfiqar Ali
Impact Of Bank Withdrawals On Cash Holdings, Interest Rates, Inflation And Bank Deposits: An Empirical Evidence From Pakistan

Shahan Mehmood Cheema, Muhammad Ilyas, Ali Hassan and Talha Mujahid Butt
Investigating The Connection Between Consumer Unethical Behavior And Birthplace: Evidence From Pakistan

Shagufta Ghauri and Nadia Ayub
Hr Professionals’ Preferred Skills For Business Graduates In Service Sector

Sayed Irshad Hussain and Ummad Mazhar
Estimated Export Demand And Supply Functions For Pakistan: A Disaggregated Analysis


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July, 2018 (Volume 20 Number 2)

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Abdul Qayyum, Sana-ur-Rehman and Asif Sanaullah 
The Impact Of Relationship Benefits On Customer Loyalty In Service Firms

Rabia Mushtaq and Muhammad Bashir Khan
The Combined Effects Of Job Characteristics And Cultural Orientation On Citizenship Behavior

Sana Tauseef
Discount Rate Changes And Industry Stock Returns In Pakistan

Ahsan Umair, Shahab Alam Malik, Saquib Y. Janjua and Sharjeel Saleem
Analyzing The Working Relationships Of Young Employees With Older Employees: Evidence From The Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Feryal Khan and Ansa Mehmood
Purchase Intention Drivers For Private Label Brands In Pakistan

Huma Akhtar, Muhammad Fareed and Syed Muhammad Sajid Siraj
Language-Mixing And Its Processes In Pakistani Urdu Newspapers

Said Shah, SAF Hasnu, Safdar A. Butt and Safdar Husain Tahir
The Corporate Governance Paradox: A Comparative Analysis Of Multinational And Domestic Manufacturing Firms In Pakistan

Salleh Nawaz Khan and Waseem Ahmad Khan
Co-Integration Between Islamic And Conventional Stock Market Index: An Investigation Of Diversification (A Case Of Asian Pacific Region)

Sajid Gul, Abdul Rashid and Faqir Muhammad
The Impact Of Corporate Governance On Firm Value: The Case Of Small, Medium, And Large Cap Firms

Nadeem Talib, Muhammad Aftab Alam and Gulfam Khan Khalid Baghoor
Synergizing The Integration Practices For Achieving Internal Integration

Muhammad Usman Aleem and Mustaghis Ur Rahman
Human Resource Management Practices And Their Impacts On The Perceived Performance Of Sme’s Operating In Karachi

Muhsin Ali, Karim Khan and Nasir Iqbal
Volatile Discretionary Public Spending And Economic Growth: A Comparative Evidence Of Developed And Developing Countries

Abdul Qadir Molvi, Afshan Rauf and Saba Gulzar
Entrepreneurial Inclination Of Students At Iobm

Omar Javaid, Noman Mahmood and Aamir Shamsi
The Loss In Meaning: Influence Of Strategy Language And Modern Financial Discourse On The Working Concepts In Islamic Banking And Finance

Nawaz Ahmad and Imamuddin Khoso
Measuring The Impact Of Venture Financing On Entrepreneurship And Job Creation: A Case Study Of Sindh

Umar Hayat and Muhammad Naeem
The Impact Of Fiscal Policy On Economic Growth: Panel Data Analysis

Ahmed Raza Cheema, Rehmat Ullah Awan and Mazhar Iqbal
Determinants Of Education Achievements In Pakistan

Faria Arshad and Tasneem Fatima
A Resource Based Perspective On The Link Between Corporate Social Responsibility , Reputational Capital And Organizational Performance

Masood Hassan and Irfan Hyder
Prospecting The Process Of Resilience At Work: An Investigation With The Marketing Agency Professionals Of Karachi



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Oct, 2018 (Volume 20 Issue 3)

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Muhammad Ilyas and Muhammad Asif Khan
democracy versus dictatorship: an empirical investigation of determinants of unemployment

Nadeem Ahmed Sheikh and Atif Rafique
effects of firm specific measures and board attributes on working capital: evidence from textile industry of pakistan

Choudhry Sohail Ahmad
the impact of fdi and real effective exchange rate on saving and economic growth nexus in pakistan: an empirical analysis

Shahzad Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Ahmad and Iftikhar Hussain Adil
Effects Of Credit Risk Portfolio On Shareholders’ Wealth Maximization Perspective In Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Basheer Ahmad, Rabia Shafi and Muhammad Shafique
The Effects Of Emotional Intelligent Manager’s On Subordinate’s Work Attitude And Work Outcome

Saman Attiq, Ariba Ahmed, Aqsa Ilyas, Khadija Kulsoom and Wisal Ahmad
Investigating The Impact Of Consumer’S Involvement, Risk-Taking Personality, Internet Self-Efficacy, Life Style And Privacy Concern On Online Purchase Intention And Shopping Adoption

Jamil Anwar and SAF Hasnu
The Impact Of Consistent, Flexible And Reactor Strategy On Organizational Performance: A Comparative Analysis

Talha Shawkat, Shahid Habib and Shahzad Ahmed Khan
Socially Responsible Identity: Linking Corporate Social Responsibility, Strategic Implementation And Quality Performance

Syed Hussain Mustafa Gillani and Malkah Noor Kiani
Studying The Organizational Learning And Organizational Effectiveness Among The Cellular Companies Of Pakistan

Imran Bukhari and Anila Kamal
Relationship Of Organizational Politics, Organizational Support, Transformational Leadership And Other Work Related Factors With Turnover Intention Among University Teachers

Asima Zahid and Nadia Ayub
Leadership Competencies Of Physicians Working In Public And Private Sector Hospitals Of Karachi

Abdul Rasheed, Muhammad Khalid Sohail and Shahab ud Din
Why Do Firms Decide To Go Public? A Case Study Of Karachi Stock Exchange

Aliya Sikandar
Inculcating Critical Thinking Among Business Students Through The Strategy Of Questioning

Mahwish Zafar, Muhammad Waqas and Muhammad Nawaz Butt
The Role Of Small And Medium Enterprises On Poverty Reduction In Developing Country: A Case Of Pakistan

Hammad Hassan Mirza, Mian Sajid Nazir and Ghulam Ali
Modeling Stock Index Using Finite State Markov Chain

Sana Ellahi and Farman Afzal
Historical Simulation Of Risk And Return In Mutual Funds Through Value At Risk Analysis

Syed Muhammad Fahim, Masood Hassan and Muhammad Adnan Bashir
Need For Uniqueness – A Second Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis Modeling Approach For Consumers Of Karachi

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